T-shirt Printing Techniques Overview

People who want t-shirts displaying a design of their choice should definitely turn to the inexpensive t-shirt printing service offered by a listing company. It’s easy to find a reliable agency to turn your favorite design into a t-shirt. But before that, you should know about the different technologies that can be used to print high quality t-shirts. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the others. Popular T-shirt printing methods include screen printing, heat press, and direct clothing printing.

T-shirt priniting

The first and foremost technology is screen printing and it is also the most popular and obvious as it requires minimal tools to get the job done. In doing this form of T-shirt printing, a woven mesh is turned on and a stencil-shaped design is placed on the net, which subsequently appears as a screen. Then the normal T-shirt is placed on a table under the screen. The screen is then placed on the garment and pressed firmly while using a roller or squeegee on top of the screen to push the ink onto the fabric and create the design. This technique is recommended for medium to large print volumes as it is fast and inexpensive.

Another technique applied to class t shirt printing is the heat press or transfer. This includes a more complex process, but allows for longer designs and will ensure that the end result is more specific compared to direct screen printing. First, the design must be printed with the correct combination of ink, paper, and printer.