It is very sad to say that people easily accept the Old Norse myths but when it comes to the actual true stories they take it as nonsense.

Snorri is the author of every story regarding Norse Cosmology and mythical worlds. Though it is true that his ancestral lore is dismissed but at the same time some Old Norse sources are accepted for scanning and judging and also some are dismissed. So it is very disappointing to take all the stories as nonsense just by knowing few failures.

Present Lives are different

The striking thing nowadays, life is so fast moving that people easily belief in false news and don’t bother to check the truth. There can be different angle of views to a particular cultural phenomenon and one of the sides is if no so convincing or seems to be impossible doesn’t convey other sides will not be true. So to leave a story half read is very dangerous and convey wrong message, which is one of the biggest problems of negative impact of Old Norse stories.

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That Old Norse myths (Edda and skaldic lore, primarily) shows a intense spiritual views about the nature, its creation and link with human beings is proved by various famous people out there. But still people don’t recognise the importance of this kind of historical antique subject. One may consider the YouTube series “Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths” and the book “The Seed of Yggdrasill” to know more. The author of the book easily pointed out the basic main theme of Norse mythology is the history of innovation of universe and its mystery, which is surprising to the common people.

At the same point, we also have to understand that at the end of the day it’s a human created story which will surely depict the cultural and historical background of Snorri as well as his personal thoughts and interests. But he also the person who is the source of squat with deeper meanings and metaphors found in Edda and Skaldic poetry. So we should respect him and learn more his stories on Old Norse to know cultural environment in ancient age and the pathway of spiritual life.

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