Every Dogs Fashion Heaven

Pet apparels and accessories are a thing in this day and age especially after so many breeds or hybrid of dogs are being sold in the market by breeders around the world (just make sure that they are good breeders, not the bad ones). It is always a problem searching for the perfect clothes for your dogs because you just can’t find the best ones.

At Berties Boutique, they sell everything that you will definitely want your dog to wear. Not only are they selling fashionable finds, but also sturdy and durable accessories. These are perfect for energetic dogs that are hard to handle, they won’t be able to easily chew on their collars or leashes because of the materials that they use.

What makes them so special?

Berties Boutique creates their accessories with a passion to give your dogs the best apparels in the market. They have a wide range of collections that you will surely love. They use materials that are perfect for dogs and comfortable for them.

Berties Boutique

They supply a range of both affordable and fashion designer dog collars and leads which would suit any pet pooch. Their collars and leads are made from durable webbing with high quality cotton, available in a wide range of fashion styles from the more traditional to those that bling with style. Be sure to check out their collar designs which feature brown checked tartan, floral rose pattern, and even in faux leopard print patterns.

They offer fashionable and stylish accessories that are quite expensive at first but are worth it because it will last a long time before you’ll have to buy again. They not only offer accessories but also beds that you could order to match your house furnishings. It lets them sleep in style. It is the perfect way your dog can get comfortable.

Perfect for any breed of Dogs!

Carry your dog in style with their designer pet carrier bags. they have tried and tested many carriers over the years and our selection have been suited to not just be a great fashion accessory, but also be comfortable and practical carrier for your pet. All their carriers feature full size information to ensure you purchase the right one for your pet, and many feature removable inserts for easy cleaning.

For larger pets, they also offer carriers with wheels so you can easily transport your pet with you when travelling, and these even double up as a pet carrier backpack! All their pet carriers are made from high quality materials and are sure not to disappoint either yourself or your little furry friend.

They also have social media channels to help you keep in touch with them just search Berties Boutique on Facebook and Twitter. They are very welcoming and are ready to answer your queries. These are just their main goal and objectives but once you get to know them, there’s so much more than that.