Select and choose the most suitable flooring

There are several ways in which we can rearrange or renovate our homes. People spend a lot of money and time buying a house and then the next challenge is to bring them home alive with unique ideas and solutions. Before any other process, people tend to focus on the flooring of the house. Many firms provide high-quality flooring options to customers as per their requirements.

Floorrich Pte Ltd is one of the most reputable companies in Singapore that is committed to providing the best quality flooring solutions to people. Choosing the best option can be tiring if you are looking for aesthetics and functionality because not all firms provide a top-quality solution. The Singaporean company has all types of wood flooring which can be seen and chosen as per the comfort.

What are the popular flooring types?

At Floorrich, they have got the solution for all types of wood flooring and they try to provide the most needed details so that people do not get any confusion. Let us look at the types;

  • Patagonian Walnut.
  • Ipe-Walnut.
  • Golden Teak.
  • Indonesian Teak.
  • Burma Walnut.
  • Indian Rosewood.
  • American White Oak.
  • Carbonised-Bamboo (Vertical).
  • Burmese Teak.
  • American Maple.
  • Brazilian Teak.
  • Brazilian Cherry.
  • Bamboo (Horizontal).
  • American Walnut.

What are the benefits?

  • These floorings have durability and resistance which makes sure that they can withstand any harsh conditions of nature.
  • It has dimensional stability making it suitable for humidity and fluctuating temperature.
  • The flooring also opens up to improved indoor air quality in your home.
  • These floors are made of thick solid wood, making them everlasting. It can also be revitalized and retained, unlike other floorings.