Rope Access: What Exactly It Is?

The rope access is the most effective mode to working safely at a height and in difficult locations. The recreational abseiling methods are adapted or developed with time to offer safe work systems, which is employed for the construction, industrial, as well as maintenance purposes over various industries or sectors.

Many societies and associations have been made to develop (where possible regulate) the safe standards of theĀ rope access Singapore operations. Generally two-rope access system is used: working rope supports worker and safety rope offers back-up protection.’

rope access Singapore

Safety Measures

The Industrial rope access can be defined as safe way of working at a height where the ropes or associated equipment are been used to get access to or from work place, as well as supported there’. Even though specific training for technicians and finer details of the guidelines for the safe working practices vary in certain ways, fundamental principles of the safe operations, which are set out are same. Amongst many important principles are technicians should be well trained in both the access and rescue, they should not operate on own however as a part of team, suitable and specialized equipment will be used, and all work will be done from 2 rigged lines, and one of that is working line, on which technician will be supported and enables upward or downward movement, and other is a backup line, as fail-safe protection line.


Benefits of the Rope Access as mode of an access are many. Combination of the specialist training or use of the specific techniques or specialized equipment provides efficient, safe, cost-effective as well as versatile solutions of working at the height and access problems.