Enlighten by the principles of Chairman of Shinchonji Church of Jesus

Lee Man-hee is a Korean religious leader. He was born in a poor household on 15th September 1931. His companion believes him to be a descendant of the Korean ruler. When he was in the womb of his mother, his grandfather dreamt of light falling on his mother. He decided to call him Man-hee. It means ‘complete light’.

Shinchonji Church of Jesus

His history

He believes himself to be created by Jesus to serve humanity. Korean Jesus one night saw a star for three consecutive days. He promises to meet a person from above.

He abides by the words of the Bible. He has faith in the creator and desires to spend his days on truth. Korean Jesus is also known as living god by his followers across the world.

His work

He launches several programs to unite the world with the harmony of peace.

He is the founder of the Shinchonji Church of Jesus or the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. People gather here to achieve eternal peace. They are not happy with their life. They want to seek their life in the Faith of God.

He promises to experience the events of the book of Revelation. He believes himself to be the messenger of the creator.

The Christian knows the significance of the final judgment day. People will attain salvation with him. The creator of the world will decide the punishment for the deeds. There will be no chance for forgiveness.

He focuses on the principles of the Bible. He knows the holy book perfectly. He even understands the symbol which is hidden somewhere in the pages.

He produces millions of graduates across the globe. They know the Bible and understand. Students are made to believe in the existence of the creator of the world and his work. The organization conducts exams.  It covers the principles and teachings of them. Students have a fixed uniform.

Thus he is the living messenger. Jesus exists in his flesh. He has not only his followers across South Korea but wholly the world. The world criticizes him for his principles. But, he stays intact and does his work. He follows the Bible and has to worry about nothing.

His followers criticize the existence of sects. Leaders of his church are strictly asked not to reveal about them.

The study hour focuses on the Bible. Members dedicate their time to sole motive. They don’t promote themselves