Winning Clan Battles in Clash of Clans Without Spending Real Cash

If there’s one thing that most online games have that puts many players at a disadvantage, it’s the idea of paying real cash to instantly give the player an unfair advantage. For the player, they don’t have a choice except to wallow in defeat as their opponents have vast pools of gems and elixirs because they paid cold, hard cash to get those much-needed resources.

Instead of rage quitting and uninstalling the game from your mobile device, there are ways to still get the upper hand in clan battles without spending a single cent in Clash of Clans.

Don’t Upgrade Everything All at Once

 Some players like to tap on the Upgrade button once it becomes available, and although it’s always a wise decision to upgrade troops and buildings, upgrading them all at once might not be the best idea. Staggering your upgrades is a better option than boosting your troops and buildings in an all out fashion. There will always be one upgrade that will take a shorter amount of time than another. Take advantage of this thought so that you’ll always have something to occasionally upgrade.

Town Hall Upgrading Can be Addicting

 Like in real life, gold fever is definitely a thing in Clash of Clans. Once you can get enough resources, it’s very tempting to waste it all in upgrading the Town Hall. Some players might even want to spend their daily allowance in purchasing the required gold, gems, and elixirs from the in-game cash shop. The Town Hall might be an essential part of your village, but it’s not the only priority. Make sure to balance every upgrade available to have a good equilibrium between proper offense and defense, and you can do this by just being patient.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Delevel

 What is deleveling? It basically means you sacrifice one troop intestinally so you can lose an attack, which also means you don’t get as many trophies as you would in comparison to achieving a victory. You might wonder what’s the whole point of doing this, and it’s all about the guaranteeing victory. Whenever you go down a level or two, you can seek out opponents that are weaker than you. However, you get to keep all your upgrades and troops from your previous levels, so you’re essentially always one step ahead of your weaker opponents.

Kill Dragons With More Archers

 When you see heroes fighting dragons in films, melee weapons are significantly difficult to reach the fiery beasts because of the short range. The best way to counteract that is to train more archers. So if you see an opponent taking advantage of dragons, then you know what to do once you seek them out during a clan battle.

If you can make use of one more troop to gain the upper hand in battle, then use it. Don’t be stingy when it comes to laying out troops for offense or placing traps for defense. On another note, you might also want to assure yourself with victories through the assistance of other applications like clash of clans astuce.