No Duplication Possible in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is based on the Blockchain concept. The Blockchain is a skill of storage room and broadcast of in sequence without any manage body. From a technological tip of view, the Blockchain is a distributed database in which the information transmitted by users is checked and grouped at regular intervals in blocks. These blocks are connected and secured by the use of cryptography forming a chain of blocks: the famous Blockchain. The latter can, therefore, be considered as a distributed and secure record of all transactions made since the beginning of the distributed system. The Blockchain gets rid of the requirements for an intermediary. Due to its architecture, the Blockchain is immutable. Once a transaction is committed, it can not be canceled. There can be no duplication. This gives you a high level  bitcoin kurs of security during the execution of your transactions and eliminates a major problem related to cash managed by banks

.Anonymous and Effortless Online Payments

Online payments made with your credit card are not always easy. Even worse, it is clear that they lack confidentiality. You must provide your personal information very often. However, you may not want to share this information. Indeed, although you have nothing to hide, you care about your privacy. In fact, you want your purchases to remain confidential . Cash does not allow this extra level of confidentiality since banks can know everything about the purchases you have made. bitcoin kurs With Bitcoin, this problem is solved. You can shop online effortlessly while preserving your privacy