Four important tips in removing nail polish from your nails safely

If you badly need to get your nail polish off and you have no patience for yourself to head to a nail salon, well, you are not alone in this problem. A lot of women are having problems in removing their nail polish without paying extra bucks at a nail salon where they firmly believe that they can take care of themselves given the proper procedure of removing it.

A lot of women out there are tempted to bit off, rip off, or even pick the polish on their nails, however, this is proven to be bad for your nails which is why it takes a lot of patience for them to remove it properly. According to medical experts, if you peel off your nail polish, you are also peeling off layers of your nail bed along with it which leaves you to be more susceptible to nail breakage and nail weakening.

Before you run out of hope, the good news is that you can remove it at the very comfort of your home without the requirement to go to your nearest nail salon and above all, this does not damage your nails at all.

The very best way to safely remove your nail gel polish is to be patient which ensures that you nail will stay in good shape.

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Not to take this longer, here are some of the best tips in removing your gel nail polish at home.

  1. Do it in an open space– Make sure that you do this in a well-ventilated area in your house where there is plenty of room during the removal process, and above all, you should do it an open area so that you will not be breathing all the acetone to your nose. The process usually needs time and there is no need to rush. It takes about thirty minutes to an hour, so you have to make yourself comfortable also.
  2. Break out your nail file gently– Before you break out the nail polish remover, you have grab a coarse nail file and gently sand down the top layer or the Esmalte uñas semipermanente of the gel polish on your nails. You should not sand everything off, all you need to do is to rough up the top most coat of the polish, so take it slow and also, avoid filing too far because all you need to do is to get rid of the shine.
  3. Make sure to protect your skin– You should apply the skin surrounding your nails and your fingertips with a thick cream or a cuticle oil to provide a good protection for your skin when you apply acetone later. Acetone is a substance that dries your skin badly and this could cause skin irritation if you do not apply any protection on your skin.
  4. Soak cotton balls– To remove gel nail polish effectively, you have to soak your fingertips in an acetone by filling in a small bowl with this solution and drop two to three drops of cuticle oil or you can use a soaked cotton ball that you will be sit on each of your nails. Cotton balls are more preferred in this process knowing that it has the similar shape and size of your nails and also the cotton has more absorbent ability to hold on to the acetone while applying it to your nails.