Factors you need to remember before buying a used car

We are always confused whether to buy anything brand new or settle for a second hand one. Right from gadget or apartment, the same dilemma is present even while buying a car. But in case of car buying a second hand one often turns out to be a better decision because it reduces your extra hazard of registering or making insurance policy of the car. Transferring the existing registration and insurance policy is easier and cost effective as well.

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Before buying the used cars you need to check several things very carefully. For instance ,

Check the exterior: Even if it’s a used car you don’t want it to look old. The paint may get fade but you shouldn’t allow any scratch or broken parts. In such cases you have every right to bargain with the pre owner to reduce the price or renovate the damaged parts before selling.

Check the legal papers: Don’t forget this crucial point. You need to take all the legal documents from the earlier owner and transfer the registration and insurance policy of the car on your name. This procedure takes some time. Therefore you need to apply for transfer certificate of registration as soon as the previous owner hands over the car. Because you can’t drive your car without legal papers so there’s no point in buying the car without the valid documents.

Test drive is a must – this ensure that you are aware of the car’s condition before you make the purchase: You may buy the car from your close friend or even relative. But don’t let your personal equation with the earlier buyer cloud your business deal. After all you have to drive the car. No matter how close your relation is with the seller, don’t forget to opt for a test drive. It’s even better to drive alongside the seller so that if the car makes any trouble you can complaint right away. This is why an authentic dealer of used cars such as mike’s auto sales in Salinas is always the right choice for the prospective buyers of the second hand car.