How to catch a cheating spouse: what to look for

Learning to catch the spouse’s signs of deception is an important skill in marriage. Some people never notice signs until it is too late. If one of the spouses is cheating, they are also likely to make plans. These plans may include future divorces and spoils. It may be just extracurricular sexual fun, but you never know how far it can go. As long as your partner has a strange behavior, regardless of whether you are accused of stress, boredom or another reason. Give them the benefit of the doubt, but take note of this and closely monitor any other behavior that indicates something suspicious.

Come back a few months and compare the expense records.

Credit card reports and bank statements are good places to start. If there are unexpected unexplained changes, this may be a sign. Watch for restaurant billing and other types of bills that can be useful for going out. This is an excellent way to catch cheating spouse singapore.

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Reading cell phone records is a great help in learning to capture the spouse’s signs of deception. Many calls to and from numbers that you don’t recognize should be warning signs for you. Although this may not be enough for a confrontation, they are enough to keep you informed, to see them in future accounts and to monitor them.


Find good reasons to appear suddenly in events attended by your spouse without you. Take a moment to return home from work from time to time, just to see what happens. Organize events in the company of your spouse’s friends when they are close to get feedback on what is supposedly happening and compare reports between them.