Why Apollo’s Grow Tents are one of the best?

Apollo Horticulture is a longstanding product that is being trusted by many customers for all of their hydro products. They recently made a grow tent that, according to the Grow Tent Experts, are very much well-designed. They have heavy duty zippers that are double stitched to make sure that no light escapes when they are shut.

Apollo Grow Tents are durable because the seams are double stitched. The material the tent is made of is a thick canvas, black on the outside and reflective mylar inside. Each door features two zippers for ease of opening, no matter where you decide to close or open it. There are also advantages and disadvantages, and key features for this grow tent that may be able to help you decide the verdict.

The Fabric

To prevent exposure, Apollo uses a fabric that is made from dependable thread and double-stitched fabric with maximized thickness which makes it very durable. The fabric is high-quality and will last a long time.

It’s Shield

The tent is accessible via a doorway that can be opened or closed with a zipper. Furthermore, this is a heavy-duty zipper designed to protect and safeguard the growing space inside. It keeps the odours in, which is favourable to anyone hiding the plant. Also, the pests are barred from entering so keep the zipper locked. The shield protects from harmful elements that might endanger your plants.


The use of 100% reflective and tear-proof Mylar on the tent interior provides for better distribution of light. As a result, plants grow better. Also, you could monitor and control the temperature inside the tent. This is a perfect example of a grow tent in terms of lighting.

Given Warranty

Apollo has a brand guarantee that gives you 90 days of warranty on defects. If for any reason you are not satisfied, there is a money back guarantee 30 days. But a lot of customers guarantee that Apollo’s products are worth it.

Big Pros

It is constructed of the thickest possible material for insulation and also comes in discreet packaging. It has a 90 day warranty which is more than enough for it to prove itself and has a heavy duty metal frame. No tools are needed for installation, even beginners can do it. They are easy to construct. The box it is shipped in is discreet as well, with no identifying marks to say what is inside so you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you decide to order in the future. You can always give it back within the 90 ay warranty if it does not live up to your expectations.

These are important features of Apollo Horticulture Grow Tents that will make you want to order right away. Their products are being distributed around the world and many loyal customers have sworn by it because of how useful it is. Their Grow Tents what beginners would want to order because it offers many features that can help them start their hobby. If you have already decided, Apollo’s Grow Tents are perfect for you and your family!