What you should remember about synthetic urine brands

There are various synthetic urine brands that are present in the market today. They all promise to make you pass your drug tests in flying colors to either get the job that you so sought after or keep the job that you already have and continue your pot sessions with your friends to celebrate you passing your drug test.

There are many employees (good employees) that smoke weed, they work like machines and they get many awards for it. Weed helps them relax and be more focus and even unwind. What they dread though are the yearly and surprise drug tests that put the employment at risk. These are the people targeted by synthetic urine brands in order for these individuals to pass any drug tests thrown at them. Below are a few of the best ones out there:

  • Magnum synthetic urine
  • X-Stream synthetic urine
  • U Pass synthetic urine
  • Sub-Solution synthetic urine
  • Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine brands made it easier

It expires: it does have a shelf life, so before you buy check out the expiration date. The best rule to get the best one is not getting the ones that will expire during a month or 2, and never ever buy one that is expired. Chances are the compounds and minerals will no longer work for you and will provide false results and you say goodbye to your work.

You can’t produce this without knowledge: If you’re trying to replicate what’s in your urine or the ones sold as synthetic urine kits; if you don’t have the experience just don’t risk it and just buy a urine kit sold in the market, it saves you time, effort, the risk and even the suspense. If you’re not the scientist then don’t force, just buy it.

Urine cleaners: This is a whole new product and highly effective, the problem is that this is even pricier. Around $200+ the least, if you’re saving money and you think that’s too much then it’s either you stop smoking weed or just buy synthetic urine to get the job done.

Synthetic urine for females: In case you’re wondering, there isn’t really anything like that and you just have to buy the ones that are sold in the market. This is because a drug test doesn’t have any capability to detect hormones/ they don’t include it. So what you’re boyfriend, husband, brother, sister, father and friends buy (if they smoke weed), you can use that too.

What you need to know that this synthetic urine is made in labs, they are prepared to mimic urine and the best thing that you can do if there’s a drug test is buy one that isn’t expired, and buy from a trusted brand. No need to ask urine from your office mates because it’s not hygienic and cool to carry around someone’s urine just to pass a drug test. There’s a cleaner way and it’s just in the store right up the alley a few blocks from where you are working right now. If you wish to know more about these products you can visit exit-5.info for more details and a detailed review of each product mentioned above.