Things you need to know about SEO if you’re a beginner

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is something you would have definitely heard of. If you’re a marketer or a businessman then you have to know about SEO because if you are ignorant of the latest tools of marketing then you are going to lag behind. Lagging behind in SEO is like being weak in a war because SEO is much like a war today among people who want to reap its benefits. SEO is a subset of SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

beginner seo tools

We cannot say when exactly SEO came into being. The story is much like that of the internet itself. However, the earliest pioneers of SEO took keen interests in exploring the money making possibilities of the internet. They met each other to discuss about the new concept that they believed had a big bright future. They even wrote books about SEO and found that there was huge number of people who wanted to know about SEO.

The major function of SEO is to increase the visibility of a particular website. When a potential customer searches for anything related to your website, or your clients’ website you need to make sure that they reaches the website you want them to reach. Since people have truly understood the potential and possibilities of SEO, the competition is blown up and this is why you need to make sure that you use beginner seo tools as well as other seo tools to your benefit.

If you are new to the concept of SEO, then you can always start with beginner seo tools, which you can get for free. There are many books and blogs written by SEO experts who will help you get a better idea before you actually put your knowledge into practice. Increasing the visibility is very much important because otherwise, your potential customers will never know what you have to offer.

SEO helps you to get your website on top of the search result list of search engines like Google in the non-paid section. This is not the paid promotion you see during search results which are more like advertisements.

beginner seo tools

Along with optimization of search engine results, SEO also helps in enhancing the user experience and user friendliness of your website. This is because content marketers make sure that they include key words in the content that is published on your website so that search engine detect them and bring them on top of the list whenever someone searches for anything related to those key words. These key words increase the relatability of the content with what the potential customer wants to know about.

SEO also helps in the promotion of your website in the social media. If the potential customers and other bloggers find your website interesting and relevant to the topic they searched on the search engine, it is more likely that they share the link to your website in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.