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#Directory nameURLPrice
1SEOconfused.comwww.seoconfused.com3.69USD | PR >= 4 FREE | PR >= 4 FREE | PR >= 4 FREE | PR >= 3 FREE | PR >= 1 FREE
6polSpider.comwww.polspider.com2.98USD | PR >= 2 FREE | PR >= 1 FREE | PR >= 1 FREE | PR >= 1 FREE
10SEOvest.comwww.seovest.com2.98USD | PR >= 3 FREE | PR >= 4 FREE
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SEO Directory list

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Please feel free and add your website to our SEO friendly directories to get good quality backlinks!! the UK web directory list. On this page you'll find a comprehensive list of web directories from the UK and other SEO directories. Always choose directory listings carefully, both the general directories and the industry-specific ones. Make sure your content is good enough to clearly belong in the categories you have selected, which means that your web site must contain unique information.The keywords should always be in the right frequency and the right places for the search engines, but good content should always be on your site for the best directory placement.