A Swinging Retro Trend For The Modern Home

The 1970s was definitely a stylish decade, not just in wearable fashion, but in interior design. There are some trends that, while iconic, probably won’t make a comeback any time soon. Even though retro is in, most homeowners aren’t likely to incorporate orange shag carpeting, lime green tile, or dark wood paneling into a contemporary living space. There is one popular 70s trend that’s gained an enthused revival however: the hanging chair.

Lots of today’s designers have combined high style with fun, whimsical space utilization, and the popularity of hanging chairs or indoor swings are prime examples of that. Furniture manufacturers are now offering a series of updated swings that add lighthearted enjoyment and relaxation to grownup spaces.

In addition to the idea of adding more fun to a room, hanging chairs and swings provide more options for getting furniture up and off the ground making a room appear lighter and airy without sacrificing functionality. In small apartments, a swing is a compact solution for adding comfortable seating in a corner or in front of a window that otherwise wouldn’t accommodate a cushioned armchair or chaise.

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The addition of a swing is advantageous for rooms with high ceilings, as they draw the eye off the ground and can make a cathedral ceiling living room or urban loft feel a little less “bottom heavy”, which can happen when all other furnishings rest on the floor. The versatility of swing seating is also favorable for many different types of people. For families, they’re a great option for kids that will easily transition into a teenagers bedroom. For renters, they’re easy to move from apartment to apartment and, provided they’re made from indoor-outdoor materials, can go from an interior space to an outdoor balcony or porch.

If there’s one thing that might make people leary about incorporating a swing or hanging chair into their home, its security and stability. Some homeowners might be understandably apprehensive over how safe it is to fully relax in a chair that’s suspended from the ceiling. Today’s furniture manufacturers have accounted for this. As long as an indoor swing is constructed properly and installed securely, this type of furnishing is usually as safe as your average seat with four legs on the ground.

It’s very important that your swing be installed directly into an overhead beam, truss, or frame that’s part of your home’s support system. If you cannot locate one that’s close enough to the area you wish to install the swing, then it’s possible to install a suspension system into drywall but you will likely need the help of a professional.

You should also ensure that you are using the correct hardware. Eye bolts and shoulder pattern eye bolts from a structural fastener manufacturer are designed to hang heavy loads. They can be fitted with a hook and chain from which your chair can be suspended.

Always make sure you follow all manufacturer instructions and guidelines when installing and enjoying the swing. And just to be on the safe side, never hang the seat more than a short distance off the ground. You always want to be able to place your feet flat on the floor to safely get in and out of the swing. This will help to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your unique and fun furnishing without any spills.