WoT T34 Short Review

World of Tanks T34 is an American tank, one of the hardest hitting t8 heavy ones. Its weight is 65.138t, it has low mobility with a speed limit of 35 km/h, and the acceleration is also low. Relatively big in size, World of Tanks T34 premium is easy to spot but its size is exactly why the crew is able to save themselves. This allows you to survive the hits that are usually lethal for other tanks.

With its weak hull 102/76/51mm armor, you better keep the second line and deliver firepower where your allies need it. Stay back and attack cautiously, play defensively, and keep in mind that the bullet of any t7 and above gun can easily penetrate your weak hull. But never stay in the back line as any tank, even a light one, can easily defeat you from behind. Though, it has quite a strong turret armor of 279.4/127/203mm. The best position is pulling the hull down and demonstrating only your turret to the rivals. T34 is at its best when you cover and support your teammates. In order to prevent your enemies from hitting your commander’s hatch, you should waggle the turret.

Other turret features of World of Tanks type T34 include:

  • View Range – 360m (but you can increase it to 475m with the help of binoculars);
  • Turret Traverse – 18 d/s;
  • Traverse Arc – 360°.

World of Tanks T34,

T34 WoT has the 120mm T53A1 gun. The gun has the highest penetration potential (248/297/60mm) and the second highest alpha damage potential (400) of any t8 heavy tank. But its reload time takes up to 15 seconds. In order to reduce it, try to use a Vertical Stabilizer or/and Gun Laying Drive, having both would be even better. Also, Large Caliber Tank Gun-Rammer would be helpful. The aim time is 3.40s and the ammo capacity is 34 rounds. T34 is known for its great gun depression -10 deg.

Since the tank is premium, you can use the crew of all your other American Heavies, which are:

  • Commander;
  • Gunner;
  • Driver;
  • Radio Operator;
  • 2 Loaders.

The best features of World of Tank T34 are Close Combat Master, Smooth Turret Traverse and Repairs, Breakthrough, and Smooth Ride.

The most important thing you need to remember is that patience is the key to winning with this tank. This is a sniper tank. So, you need to move slowly, wait for your enemies to appear within your gun sight and shoot from a safe distance. Because of weak hull armor you cannot engage in close range battles. And in order to get a good cover you should really pay attention to maps.