The Best Point of Purchase Portable Counter.

Some popular portable counter units include a literature display, counter display, floor display, and pallet display. Some display options are divided into two types, permanent and temporary units. Here are some major types of portable Point of Purchase display units.

Temporary units

Most acrylic counter with portable displays used in stores must last a maximum of two months. This is the reason; are created using inexpensive materials such as corrugated cardboard. Such units are excellent if used to display seasonal products, product introductions or for market testing. However, it would help if you tried to avoid using such units to display some larger ticket items, as they are not the most powerful. The use of cardboard makes it the perfect recycling option once its need has passed.

Semi-permanent unit

If your goal is to have portable display counters sturdy and have the ability to last at least a year, semi-permanent construction is what you need. Such units are made of various materials such as glass, metal, wood, acrylic, co-polyester and durable cardboard. Most of these units have a logo or brand identity on the outer surface. Sometimes it is seen that such displays have a dual purpose and may contain several types of products. This is cost-effective and also helps save space in the store. Moreover, it has a robust body, which makes it perfect for accepting many items, including items with big tickets.

Permanent units

Such display units are specially built to last more than three years. However, they require the highest maintenance and initial costs. Most of these units appear as a kiosk or have a separate area with large storage space. Such companies are not generally seen in some retail stores, but they are typically placed next to the house when used. Maintaining equality with high costs, permanent but portable office units are made of the highest quality material, such as glass, plastic, metal and wood. Due to the high initial cost, it is crucial to choose the right shape and size. This is also to make sure that the stand complements the look of the store.

In addition to these three major types, other types of portable display stands are available. You can buy the same thing either from any local store or from online platforms. However, first, establish your point of purchase and then do the final dive.